We all want longer; fuller and thicker lashes and sure mascara can do wonders but why bother when you can have lash extensions? Lash extensions are one of life’s most magical inventions! Semi-permanent lash extensions can achieve many different looks from natural to dramatic depending on what look you desire.

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

A bouquet of lashes are applied to your natural individual lashes. Russian Volumes are light weight, soft and a feathered texture. These lashes will fill in any gaps in the natural lashes, adding more volume and depth to the eyes.

Individual / Classic Lash Extensions

A single false lash is applied individually to your natural lashes creating thicker, longer looking lashes. If you are wanting a more “lengthened mascara effect” this is the lash type for you!

Hybrid Lash Extensions

A mixture of individual and Russian volume lashes to achieve the best of both!