This approach combines the best of conventional, functional and genomic medicine to find the root cause of health problems. This approach is well suited to auto-immune, hormonal, abdominal, mood and metabolic chronic health problems but is also used to optimise health.
Health optimisation involves reducing the risk of future health problems by looking at your current status often with blood tests and also personalising lifestyle interventions through genomic testing.

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Chronic Illness Management

This personalised approach combines conventional medicine, functional medicine and genomics when required to assess health problems and really address the root cause of the issue. This approach is for consideration when you are struggling with symptoms that just don’t seem to be responding to the conventional approach. These may be related to a gut issue, an auto-immune issue, a hormone problem, weight concerns, pain or many other things.
The approach involves a long initial 90 minute appointment where we take a very thorough look at your medical and personal history then from this we can create an initial plan, prior to this appointment a detailed questionnaire will be sent out to you and need completing in order for us to progress optimally. Often the first also prompts testing that would help us uncover the route cause.
Testing costs are between £200-500 and then a follow up with a full interpretation and management plan would also be required. The management plan includes recommendations for individualised lifestyle changes, supplements and sometimes medications. We also work with a health coach and nutritionist for further health improvement.

Optimisation of Health Packages

As we get older, our body changes and responds differently to certain stimulus. Private Health Checks can be a great way of improving our health and can uncover areas of risk that we can then aim to improve.

At Mosaic medical we can use advanced testing to find out what your personal risks are and give personalised advice regarding how to improve your risks for the future. We review your results and create a tailored report and lifestyle prescription to suit your needs. This advice can comprise of lifestyle advice, supplements and sometimes medication. An optimisation of health package can consist of genetic profiling which provide personalised clarity regarding which of the lifestyle advice is specifically appropriate for you.

Bio Identical HRT

Bio-identical hormones share the same chemical structure as naturally occurring hormones. This means that they fit hormone receptors better and have fewer off-target effects (side effects) compared to synthetic hormones. Non-bio conventional HRT generally uses synthetic hormones which are chemically different to those produced by the body. Generally the oestrogen used in HRT and BHRT are the same (estradiol) so there is no significant difference.

Bio-identical HRT (BHRT) is prescribed on an individualised basis for a specific client. These products are unlicensed. They are often prescribed in lower doses than conventional HRT and often in a transdermal cream or oral lozenge which is generally well tolerated. A full discussion of all the different types of HRT will be available together with the difference between licensed and unlicensed products and which would be the most suitable for you.